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Exercise 14. Fill in the blanks with am, is, are.

1. I ... a schoolboy. 2. This man ... a farmer. 3. My friend ... in the garden. 4. We ... students. 5. My father ... a tractor driver. 6. The pupils ... in the classroom. 7. She ... an engineer. 8. I ... busy. 9. Our teacher ... young.

10. They ... in the park. 11. You ... very kind. 12. The film ... very funny. 13. Your cat... very lazy. 14. Our school ... in the center of the city. 15. You ... my best friend.

Exercise 15. Make the following interrogative and negative.

1. You are an engineer. 2. His little brother is a school boy. 3. Her parents are at home. 4, Our teacher is at the library. 5. The cars are in the street. 6. The theatre is in the centre of the town. 7. My cousin is at school. 8. They are good sportsmen. 9. His father is a worker. 10. The street is narrow. 11. This film-is.dull. 12. Your dog is old. 13. The girl is in the swimming-pool. i4. The reading-hall is upstairs.

Exercise 16. Answer the following questions as in the models.

Models: Are you a football fan? — Yes, I am, Гт a football fan. Is your mother a painter? — No, she is not. She's not " a painter. She's a designer.

1. Are you a pupil? 2. Are you a schoolboy? 3. Are you a schoolgirl? 4. Are you a teacher? 5. Are you at home now? 6. Are you at the desk? 7. Are you at the blackboard? 8. Are you in the street? 9. Am I a teacher? 10. Am 1 aft engineer? 11. Am I a teacher of English? 12. Am I a teacher of geography? 13. Am I in the classroom? 14. Am I in the garden? 15. Am I at the table? 16. Am I at the window? . 17. Is your book on the desk? 18. Is your note-book on the floor now? 19. Is Sochi in the North of our country? 20. Is Vladivostok in the Far East? 21. Is London the capital of France? 22. Is France in Europe? 23. Is the Volga a river? 24. Is the Mississippi a mountain? 25. Is Cuba an island?

Exercise 17. Answer the following questions.

1. What is your father? 2. What is your mother? 3. What are your friends? 4. Where are you now? 5. Where are your friends now? 6. Where am I now? 7. Where are your parents?

8. Where is your bag? 9. Where are your books? 10. Where is the blackboard? 11. In what street is your house? 12. What is the Dnieper? 13. Where is the Nile? 14. What is Washington? 15. Where is Paris? 16. What is the capital of Germany? 17. What colour is the sky? 18. What are the