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стр. 292

Exercise 160. Point out the Subjunctive Mood and explain - its use in the sentences. Translate the sentences.

1. I’m afraid she would have had no holiday if you had not invited her. (Shaw) 2, **I couldn’t bear it if anything happened to you, Nick”. She said it so softly he could hardly hear her. (Steel). 3. Would you know him if you saw him? (Dreiser) 4.1 wish you would tell me how to become young again, (Wilde) 5. It was necessary that thesacrifice should be made. (Dickens) 6. And so he felt as if he were merely coming back from a day excursion to Manchester. (Londw)

7. Oh, how she wished her aunt would go. (Gaskell) 8. If you were a mother, you’d understand. (Shaw) 9. At one moment he felt as if he had never gone away. (London)

10.1 wish I could see her face. (Abrahams) 11. And how she dreaded lest she should learn she was alone. (Gaskell)

12. He looked at you as if he had never seen a woman before. (Hardy) 13.1 wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. (London) 14.1 wish Mary Barton would come. (Gaskell) 15. In the same low tone, as if afraid lest the walls should hear her, she answered, “Dead”. (Gaskell)

16.    He could have stayed home if he’d wanted to. ( Steel)

17.    If he hadn’t come back, I shouldn’t ever have told you (Murdoch). 18. If I didn’t make any acquaintances in that way, I shouldn’t have any at all. (Shaw) 19. I wish you would write and tell me. (Dreiser). 20. It was important that he eat everything on his plate, that much was made clear to him. (Carey)

Exercise 161. Choose the right form of the verb from the

brackets. Explain your choice.

1. He even suggested that I... with his sons, who were of about the same age as myself (play cricket/will play cricket/ should play cricket). 2. I proposed that we ... all and eat

d go/should go/should have

ices in the park (will go/wou

gone). 3. When I reached London I found waiting for me an

urgent request that I......to Mrs.Strickland as soon after

dinner as I could (go/goes/will go/should go/should have gone). 4. Several people have suggested that she ... ... on this stage (will go/has gone/should go/should have gone).

5. How strange that you......Strickland! (know/will know/

should know). 6.1 suggested that he......a thermometer,

and a few grapes, and some bread (get/gets/will get/should get/should have got). 7. And she had insisted that they ... ... in London (live/lives/lived/ should live/should have lived).