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стр. 307

Exercise 195. Translate the sentences iato Russian. Pay

special attention to the meaning aad use of the modal

verb to be.    -

1. It was awful because we were to have met on the night she died. 2. He was to live in the farm-house when he got married. 3. An Indian lady and gentleman wereto send their carriage for us this morning at nine. It has never eome.

4.1 thought there was to be' no polo. 5. The doctor said I' was to go there for six weeks last summer. 6. The furniture was to be delivered on Friday. 7. The English rrUreewas to arrive on Monday morning. The housemaid, too was to come on Monday at eight in the morning. She was to- be brought in her brother’s car. 8. Tom was her lawyer frMa1Daft*&m, He was to arrive very early next morning. 9.1 was to iEfeet him that night, a Saturday. Kathleen’s aratwesaferoad, the maid on holiday, and I was to keep Kathleen company in the empty house. 10. How, then art we to find her?

11. But who is to give us the prizes? 12. Tell me what I am to say. 13. She told me Mr.Ackroyd wasn’t to be disturbed again tonight. 14. His flight to Stockholm was to take off in half an hour, and he expected to hear the boarding announcement very shortly. 15. The armed rising was to begin on Easter Sunday at six o'clock in the evening. '

Exercise 196. Paraphrase the sentences using the modal

verb to be.    :    r    =    '

A.    1. We agreed to meet near.the theatre. 2. They agreed to diseus&the film after classes. Z. The pupils agreed to go to the forest on Sunday. 4. We agreed to spend the summer in the country. 5. We agreed to come to school at five.

B.    1. It was arranged that I should meet them at the bus ' stop, 2. It was arranged that I should go there by plane. 3. It was planned that you should be given this task. 4. It was: arranged that yon should join us in Adler. 5. It was planned that the pupils should go on an excursion to the Hermitage.

C.    1. The delegation is supposed to arrive on Monday,

2. The conference is supposed to be held in London. S. Peter is supposed to take part in the sports competition. 4. The time-table is supposed to be changed next week.

D.    1. You are ordered to come at eight sharp* 2. He was ordered to air the room. 3.The children are ordered to go to bed. 4. The soldiers were ordered to clean their rifles. ;

E.    1. You were not allowed to enter this room. 2,The sick man was not allowed to go out, 3. Children are not