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стр. 314

going. 11. "You needn’t whisper. Mid. Think Г don't knew all that about Unde Sid?” 12. I need hardly advise you, gentlemen, to lock your doors.

Exercise 212. Translate the sentences into Ru&siaa. Pay special ta tiu» ««««fag ппЛ «ид the modal verb dare.

1. You know ho# Crystal feels about you. I expect she daren’t even think about you now. 2. She did not dare to break his mysterious stillness. 3. “Ohf Connie imitated the breathless Miss Bentley, your Ladyship, if ever I should? dare to presume!* 4. “Of course I had to have tea in Miss Bentley’s shop”, she said.. “Really! Winter would have given you tea”. “Oh yes, but I daren’t disappoint Miss Bentley*. 5. "I’m a doctor”, he hwghed. "Snakes don’t dare* bite me”. 6.1 will give you my kiss, and no one will dare injure a person who has been kissed by the Witch of the North. 7. Don’t you dare to bite Tote. 8, “We dare not harm tiiis little girl”, he said to them, "for she is protected by the Power of Good*, and that is greater than the Power of Evil". 9. He dared scarcely think of the woman. He was afraid. 10. The girl sprung up.”How dare yob ask me such a question. It’s — it's insulting!”.

Exercise,213. Find modal verbs fn the following sentences.

T*aRsiate then into Russian. Pay special attention to

the meaning «f    Ver^s.    '

1. Something can’t be right огшп( just for yourself, if it’s right or wrong it Must be right or wrong for everybody .

2. Pteople shouldn4 feel helpless. Something ought to be done. 3. But dearest Prances, you must have seen girls like that girl a hundred times. Dublin is full of them. 4. And anyway, Father was saying they have no arms, They can’t fight. 5. “Here, I’ve picked you a lovely green rosebud. Mind the thorns” “May there be no thorns in our life together”. & No, you’d better not bay tb« ring. You may still change your mind. 7.1 have very little time for social conversation, you must excuse rae. 8. You can’t apologize just by saying “I apologize”, not in that tone. 8.1 wish we coaid meet sometimes and talk, just talk of anything at all, that’s in our minds. 10. “Listen, Kathleen. I most tell you something.” П. Don’t talk so loudly. I can hear you quite well. Yon mustn’t talk Шге that here. 12. You know he’ll go wherever you go. Are we to tie Mm up or what? 13. “You know, you should have given rae a ring, Christopher, it