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Exercise 226. Tran*form the following complex sentenced intostmpfeoneemihgthePrepasMcmalJiifmitiveComplex. 1. It is necessary that we should start early in the morning. 2. It Is Accessary that she should come here in time. 31 It is important that he should work systematically.

4.    It is necessary that yon should air the room twice a day.

5.    It is necessary that you should go in for sports.

Exercise 227. Paraphrase the following using the Pre positional Infinitive Complex.

Model: The stone was too heavy, I couldn't lift it. ->-■ The stone was to& heavy for me to lift it.    -

1. The text is too difficult. The pupils can’t translate it.

2. The car is too'expensive. I can’t buy it. 3. Hie story is easy enough. I сал read it Without a dictionary. 4. The weather was too bad. We couldn’t go to the forest. 5. Hie coat is too long. She can’t wear it.

Exercise 228. Find infinitive complexes in the following sen tences and state their functions. Translate the sentences.

I. Then he seemed to hear a voice. (Gordon) 2.1 saw her look at him. (Dickens) 3. What do you want me to do? (Heum) 4. Jude watched her disappear in the direction of the hotel. (Hardy) b. She made her brother talk of himself. (Wilde) 6.1 never expected you to ask him at all. (Shaw) 7. My father doesn’t want us to know each other. (Galsworthy) 8, He seemed to be looking for words. (Greene)

9. Her face seemed to have become much more youthful. (Gaskell). 10. We saw him enter the station. (Gaskell)

11.    Mr.Rochester is not likely to return soon. (Bronte)

12.    She seemed not to listen to him. (Wilde) 13. Clyde felt himself tremble. (Dreiser) 14.1 don’t like to hear you speak so of Harry. (Gaskell) 15. You.don’t seem to understand how hard it is. (Tressell)

Exercise 229. Translate into English using infinitive complexes.

A.    1. Мы видели, как она переходила улицу. 2. Я заме тил, что она открыла книжку. 3. Ученики видели, как при землился самолет. 4. Я слышала, как они пели эту песню.

5. Мы заметили, что он встал и вышел из комнаты. 6. Бее слышали, как ты сказал это. 7. Они видели, что я бежал домой. 8. Мать почувствовала, что ребенок заплакал.

B.    1. Я хочу, чтобы вы сделали это сегодня. 2. Мне хоте лось бы, чтобы вы пришли на собрание. 3. Его отец хочет,