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стр. 342

it so much that he decided to write ... play himself. When it was ready, he performed it with some of ... his friends. Everybody enjoyed ... performance and ... little writer felt very happy.

When Charles was nine years old, ... family moved to ... London where they lived in ... very old house. Charles’ father was poor clerk.... life of ... family was very hard. There were several younger children in... family besides Charles,... future writer could not even go to ... school. At that time his father was put in ... prison because he could not pay his debts. His wife and all ... children went into ... prison too. Those were ... most unhappy days in ... Charles’ life. At... age often he had to start working. ... boy worked from ... morning till ... night to help his family.

When his father was out of ... prison, ... young Charles ■was sent to ... school where he remained three years. When he was fifteen he had to leave ... school and start earning his own living again. He spent his spare time reading in ... British Museum,

In ... few years he became ... newspaper reporter. In 1836 Dickens published his first book.

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,    THE    ADJECTIVE    "

Exercise 270. Give the comparative and the superlative degree of the following adjectives.

bright, hot, wide, easy, brave, good, active, nervous, fine, fat, bad, profitable, dirty,’ old, beautiful, thin, courageous.

Exercise 271. Answer the following questions.    '

1. Which month is longer: March or April? 2. Is New York larger than Washington? 3. Which is the largest city in Russia? 4. Which is the largest city in the United States of America? 5. Is the Black Sea deeper than the. Caspian Sea? 6. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

7. When days are longer: in winter or in summer? 8. Which is the longest day of the year? 9. Which is the shortest month of the year? 10. When is it warmer: in April or in May? 11. When is it colder: in October or in November?

12. Which country is larger: England or the United States of America? 13. Which is the highest mountain in the world? 14. Is literature more interesting than grammar?