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Г the adverb    у    '

Exercise 291. Transform the following sentences using adverbs instead о/ the given adjectives.    ,    , ■ :

Model: His answer was good.He answered well.

1. John is a slow eater. 2. Mary’s translation of the sentence is correct. 3. My companion was a quick walker.

4. She was a careless cook. 5. His arrival was unexpected.

6. My friend is an excellent dancer. 7. His death was sudden.

8. Her speech at the meeting was wonderful.

Exercise 292. Answer the questions using the comparative : degree of the adverbs. ,    /    .    .. ,

"■ 1. Does Peter drive the car as carefully as Tom? 2. Does a taxi run as fast as a bus? 3. Did Jane speak as calmly, as Helen? 4.' Did you ceme as late as your brother? 5. Does Nick speak English as slowly as Peter? 6. Does Susan speak French as welt asher mother? 7. Does Harry get uj* as early as his father? 8. Does Jack do his grammar exercises as carelessly as he did last year? ;


Exercise 293. Find the subject and the predicate of the sentences. Comment on the word order, In sentences with indirect word order explain, why the Inversion is used.

; 1. There was once a king, and he had a queen. 2. High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. 3. Could you very sweetly tell Winnie-the- Pooh story? 4. Once upon a time, many years ago — when our grandfathers were little children - there was a doctor, and his name was Dolittle. 5. “Are you quite sure he will be at home?”, said Jane,as they got off the Bus, she, and Michael and Marry Poppins. 6. In the house next to the tree there lived a fat old man. 7. Down below, just outside the front door, stood Mary Poppins, dressed in her coat and hat. 8. “Is that your medicine?”, asked Michael, looking very interested. 9. There was silence for a minute or two. 10. There was a queer scared expression on her face. 1-1, There were photographs of every person or place remotely connected with the murder. 12. Here*come the girls. We’d better be off. 13. Down the steep track into

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