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стр. 352

Miss French? ll. “Which road leads to the Wicked Witch of the West?” asked Dorothy.

С. 1* Things can’t go on like this, can they? Something is going to happen,.isn’t it? 2. Do you like these white daffodils? They' re rather unusual, aren’t they? 3. You db believe me, don’t you? 4. “You’re thinking of young Ted Gerard, aren’t you, sir?” 5. It wouldn’t do, would it, to repeat just idle talk? 6. And that, frankly, was a bit of a blow to us both, wasn’t it? 7. He wasn’t staying in the house, was he? 8. It came to the same in the end, didn’t it? 9. You aren’t frightened of me, are you? 10. You wanted to paint me, didn’t, you? 11.- “You see how she was, don’t you, Harry?” 12. “You don’t feel depressed, do you,. Sally?” 13. Your wife wouldn’t mind a change, would she? 14. It’s early to go to bed, isn’t it? 15. You don*t mind is I finish the ironing, do you? 16. You won’t refuse, , will you? 17. “We must be verjr business-like, mustn’t we, Gerald?”

‘ D. 1; Are you a scientist or a humanitarian, young man? 2. Are you a writer, or something? 2, Tell me about the pain- Is it short and sharp, or steady and dull? 3. Is it love I feel for him, or just pity? 4. How can you describe there paiiis? Are they gradual or sudden? 5. “He is my dog, Toto*, answered Dorothy. “Is he made of tin, or stuffed? asked the Lion, ^Neither, He’s a real live dog”.

6. Did she really say all those things to you, Kay, or did you make them up? 7. Should we all sit round looking very stiff and formal — or should we make everybody comfortable and cosy? 8. “Unfortunately”, said Clarke dryly, “he (the murderer) is mad! What do you think, Mr.Poirot? Will he give it up or will he try to carry it through?” 9. Do you want me to find out the truth — or not? 10. Should he stop here for a drink, or push on?

11. Rogers addressed Miss Brent. “Will you begin. Ma dam, or will you wait?” 12. Will you take cold tongue or cold ham, Madam? 13. What are the lights like here, strong or dim?

Exercise 299. State whether the sentences given below are

real questions. Translate them into Russian.

1. Would’t you like to walk down the garden? 2, “Could you dry the seat for me?” He dried the seat of the swing